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This Topic Page contains News for Fishmongers.

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News for Fishmongers is mostly based around article published in the Newsletter of the National Federation of Fishmongers or via the Seafish eNews

Other news includes - Apprenticeships - information and potential benefits to employers and employees, including Level 3 professional qualifications for fishmongers - click here

Recent NFF News

October 2017

Download draft article as a pdf with links to more information.



Older Content

March 2017

Cape Breton visit, HACCP, Trailblazer apprenticeships, Changes to food safety training, Max Berguis' secret smokehouse.  see the full copy here.

November 2016

New network launch for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Portable filleting training tables delivered to Scotland. Knife skills trainers wanted.  Seafood Academy prospectus now online. Spotlight on Andy Plumb - apprentice.  Apprentices seeking employers.  Fishmonger assessors needed.  Trailblazer update.

June 2016

New Trailblazer apprenticeship standard for England.  Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Seafood network launch delayed. Blackpool announce new entrant training programme for seafood industry.  Free Seafood Guides for apprentices.  New apprenticeship posters.  Boost for training in Scotland announcement.  Fishmongers surveyed regarding qualifications.

February 2016

New Trailblazer standard developed and ready for consultation. Traineeships to be piloted in Humber and Lancashire. See full Fishmongers News for February or the published apprenticeship page here.

November 2015

PDF of the Apprenticeship Page in the newsletter. First Fishmonger apprentices in Wales completes her programme.

June 2015

PDF of this apprenticeship page included news on a study tour of Billingsgate, Assessor training at Billingsgate, visit by scottish delegation to Billingsgate, Apprenticeships for Wales and the launch of the Scottish Seafood Training Network

February 2015

PDF of the Apprenticeship page available here - call to arms, Trailblazer Apprenticeship, Fish quality assessment, Seafood Training Network for Wales


June 2014

Pdf of the apprenticeship page due very soon, plus more information on these topics:

  • Seafood Training Network for Wales - click here;

March 2014

Full Newsletter - see pages 6,7 and 8 for Apprenticeship news.

October 2013

Full newsletter as a pdf or the single page on apprenticeship news featuring Pershore Seafoods and Seafoods (Burnham on Sea).

Full Newsletter Training features on pages 4 and 5. British Fish Craft Championships - brochure and entry form for Cardiff, 25th August 2013.

Issue 1 March 2013

There is a 2 page spread (P 4 & 5) in the Newsletter which features apprenticeship news in London and the SW.

Full March Newsletter