Apprenticeships for Wales and Northern Ireland

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This Topic Page is a guide to apprenticeships for Wales and Northern Ireland.

These apprenticeships were also available in England until May 2017 when the switchover to Trailblazer Apprenticeships took place.


Apprenticeships in fish and shellfish industry skills (FSIS) are available from operative to manager level in Wales and Northern Ireland. The FSIS Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications are at the heart of Intermediate and Advanced Food and Drink Operations (Fish and Shellfish) Apprenticeships.

These apprenticeships are suitable for all sectors of the onshore fish and shellfish industry, from shellfish harvesting through to fish frying.

Sources of Information

  • Fish Friers Apprenticeship Page


Apprenticeship Frameworks and Support


Seafood Training Network for Wales - Apprenticeship Page

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Seafood Training Network - Apprenticeship Page


Scottish Seafood Training Network - Apprenticeship Page

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