Introduction to the Seafood Industry

From this Topic Page you should be able to access with just one more click everything we have on this topic including webpages, pdfs, video files etc. If you cannot find what you want then please email and explain clearly the information you need.

This Topic Page is an Introductory guide to the Seafood Industry


An introduction to the seafood industry, from catch to cooking is potentially a vast area of study as it can encompass fisheries and food science, economics and marketing as well as the culinary arts.

The purpose of this Topic page is to identify some of the resources available from Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy to help students and others study aspects of the seafood industry. If the resources of the Seafish and Academy websites are combined with the skills and knowledge training available from Seafish approved trainers than almost every aspect of the seafood industry can be studied to a level of detail that will satisfy almost all learners.

That is the challenge. This topic page will address the first steps in taking on that challenge, but ultimately success is down to the determination and perseverance of the individual learner.

If you have a specific learning need then this webpage and the Academy website may well satisfy your need. If you would like a more guided approach then you could do worse than start with the following two occupational standards in fish and shellfish product knowledge. A review of these standards may well help you to decide where to start and what your ultimate goal is.

Principles of marine finfish product knowledge and Principles of shellfish, non marine finfish and other marine seafood products, product knowledge are two units that together cover all aspects of the seafood industry. They are not learning materials in their own right, but are more of a specification for what a learner should know and understand about fish and shellfish.

There are many more units on fish and shellfish available as part of the Level 2 or Level 3 fish and shellfish Diplomas.

Suggested way forward: Download and print off the two product knowledge standards above. Go through them and mark up the questions you would like to be able to answer. Now you know what you need to learn.

Sources of Information

The Seafood Training Academy website should be your primary source of information. Much of what you need to know is on the website or available via a link from this site. If there are gaps then tell us about it and we'll do our best to find the information you need.

  • Library Guides - these are informal webpages that are developed in response to specific requests. Over time they grow as data is added. They can become out of date over time as they are infrequently updated.
  • Online study guides - Developed to assist apprentices and others. We have only a few online study guides, but can add to the list in response to request. Part 7 of the Introduction to fishmongering provides a handy introduction to the seafood industry. Part 7 is one of 9 Parts to this study guide that cover:

    Overview : This Study Guide has been set up for individuals who want an introduction to the skills and knowledge needed by fishmongers. Content will be added and amended over time so please occasionally revisit this webpage to see what else is on offer. To provide feedback or request additional content please email the academy. The following issues are addressed in this Study Guide.

    1. Industry led training courses
    2.Food safety and health & safety
    3.Fish&shellfish preparation and knife skills
    4.Display and merchandising
    5.Quality Assessment
    6.Temperature control
    7.The Seafood Industry
    8.Responsible sourcing and sustainability
    9.Technical Documents and Open Learning Modules


  • Seafish's Youtube Channel - "SeafishTheAuthority" contains over 100 informative and interesting videos on the seafood industry including training videos, commentaries on the seafood industry and much more. You can visit this academy webpage to access some of the main training video playlists.
  • Online Learning Resources - This Topic page on the Academy website provides access to online food safety, smoking and fish frying materials, study guides and online videos.
  • Guide to Seafood - This topic page provides access to product information on round fish, flatfish, shellfish, warmwater fish, oil rich fish etc. The content is drawn from the 2010 version of the Seafood Guide. Seafish has updated the Seafood Guide in 2014 and it is available as a high quality printed publication - for more information click here
  • Seafish publications are available on a wide variety of topics - for more information consult the Seafish Publications page here

Training Courses

In addition to online learning you may wish to undertake training with a Seafish approved trainer or even undertake an Advanced Apprenticeship or Level 3 Diploma.

For more information please review the training course and apprenticeships sections of the site or contact an:

You can also email with specific request for information.

Pending Content

To be developed in response to requests.