Level 2 Fish and Shellfish Framework


  • The Level 3 Proficiency Qualifications in Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills are now available here;
  • There are now more than 50 fish and shellfish units available to the seafood industry;
  • There are three sizes of Level 2 qualifications available - Award, Certificate and Diploma;
  • These are nationally recognised qualifications.

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Improve Proficiency Qualifications (IPQs) are work based qualifications that are designed for workers in the fish and shellfish processing and retail sectors (including fishmongers). These qualifications provide opportunities for employees to develop and demonstrate skills and understanding and acquire a nationally recognised qualification.

The three Level 2 IPQs provide flexibility both in the size of the qualification and in the focus.

Size - three different sizes of qualifications ranging from the award (10 or more credits) to the Certificate (27 or more credits) and the Diploma (37 or more credits).

Focus - with 28 skills units, 21 workplace knowledge units and 8 higher level underpinning knowledge units in fish and shellfish available, it is possible to build a qualification that focuses on fish and shellfish retail, fish and shellfish processing or fish and shellfish manufacturing. Note - the 57 units are equivalent to more than 120 credits, so there is plenty to choose from. If that is not enough, there are dozens of other units covering general food manufacturing or support subjects (safety, quality etc) to help you achieve the right fit for your qualification.

What specific units are available? Click on one of the links on the left which will take you to the qualifications database, and scroll down to 'Qualification Structure' to see the details of the various fish and shellfish units available or follow these links to online information provided by FDQ Ltd.

Fish and Shellfish Industry Suite of Qualifications - a comprehensive guide to the qualifications and units that make up the fish and shellfish 'offer' from FDQ.

FDQ's main webpage on fish and shellfish qualifications - available here

In company bespoke training

These occupational standards provide an excellent opportunity for employers to deliver bespoke training programmes that carefully address their specific training needs.

List of all Level 2 and 3 Fish and Shellfish Units

Level 2 list (includes hyperlinks to all the files)

Level 3 list (includes hyperlinks to all the files)



Assessment Strategy

Model assessment strategy for Improve Proficiency Qualifications (IPQs) - this model assessment strategy will be adopted for the fish and shellfish range of food manufacturing qualifications. Please download the assessment strategy and consider it in light of your future delivery of qualifications.


Apprenticeship model (England only)

Each of the four nations in the UK Recognised that apprenticeships can contribute to providing the skills that employers need for their workforce. Consequently, each nation has developed its own apprenticeship strategy and is investing in the programme.

Each country's approach to apprenticeships varies, so to find out more please click here for more information.


What are occupational skills (OS), occupational knowledge (OK) and underpinning knowledge (UK) units?

There are four types of units that make up Improve's Qualification structure. The graphic shows that the work-based proficiency qualification is made up of two or three units - OS, OK, UK units that combine the work-based skills (OS) and knowledge (OK) with any appropriate underlying principles (UK) of a process to produce a qualification that is fit for purpose. Level 2 Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills from FDQ Ltd - see list of units


Combining the Underpinning Knowledge unit with the appropriate Vocational Skills unit can lead to an Improve Vocational Qualification. This type of qualification is ideally suited to College or training provider delivery outside of the workplace.