Filleting and Mongering Courses

From this Topic Page you should be able to access with just one more click everything we have on this topic including webpages, pdfs, video files etc. If you cannot find what you want then please email and explain clearly the information you need.

This Topic Page is a guide to fish filleting, shellfish preparation, mongering and related training courses from the Academy and our Partners.


Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy are able to assist with fish and shellfish preparation training through taught courses and online videos.

Some of our partners such as Billingsgate Seafood Training School have programmes of study. If you need a taught course, whether it is a programmed course or a bespoke/tailored course then contact one of our partners such as Seafish who may be able to help and you should contact them or view their websites for more information.

Sources of Training

Online training videos from Seafish - see this webpage

We have developed an online study guide for fishmongers that will be of interest.

The Seafood Training Networks are now offering fish filleting and fish smoking related training .

Remote Coaching in knife skills

Seafish are offering remote coaching in knife skills during 2021 and 2022 as an alternative to attending face to face training courses. The coaching uses a combination of online training videos and one to one coaching from a skilled knife skills trainer (via Zoom) to deliver support for novice filleters and advice to those with more knife skills.

This programme is very dependent upon you having a very good internet connection and at least one (ideally 2) devices with a webcam.

Please contact for more information.

We are also able to offer some face to face filleting training through our Seafood Training Networks for Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Please visit the Seafish website for more information.

See also:

National Federation of Fishmongers - NFF website

Pending Content

If you are still having problems then please email with details of your filleting or shellfish preparation needs.