Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills

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This Topic Page is a guide to fish and shellfish industry skills Vocational Qualifications.


Fish and shellfish industry skills(FSIS) are the occupational standards and vocational qualifications that have been developed in collaboration with employers for the onshore sectors of the fish and shellfish industry by Seafish (L Cooper) and Improve Ltd (H King). They cover fish processing, mongering and frying, and are available in one form or another in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

They are available at level 2 and 3, and so apply to operatives through to managers, for nationally recognised qualifications and Intermediate and Advanced apprenticeships.

The higher level qualifications (Level 3/Advanced) can be considered as professional qualifications for managers, particularly if the Diploma rather than Certificate is undertaken. There are six related small qualifications called VRQs. These are Level 3 fish specific qualifications.

The occupational standards are also used by Seafish to develop new qualifications, bespoke courses, online learning resources. Employers can use the standards to help with the development and updating of job descriptions, procedures and policies within the business. In many ways the standards that underlie FSIS represents a major resource for the industry.

Sources of Information

  • Library Guide on Level 2 FSIS;

  • Library Guide on Level 3 FSIS;

  • Apprenticeship information pack page - various leaflets show how the units can be matched to specific job roles (no longer valid for apprenticeships in England);

  • For more detailed information on the Level 2 and 3 fish and shellfish proficiency qualifications frameworks including NVQs and SVQs, and the professional qualifications that can be achieved, download the Fish and Shellfish Diagnostic Toolkit - available here.



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