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A series of Guides to getting the most out of the Seafood Training Academy. The Guides are prepared by Lee Cooper of Seafish to meet the needs of particular groups

NB: As Library Guides are quick-response, semi-formal products they will occasionally contain errors which we will seek to correct. The information contained in them is for Guidance only and we cannot be held responsible for decisions made using the Guides.

Library Guides are often 'one-offs' and so may be out of date until we refresh them (at your request).

List of Current and Past Guides

Apprenticeships - Fish and Shellfish Apprenticeships - launched April 2011 - requires updating

Approved Trainers - How to become one, and how to choose one

Bivalve Purification - Bivalve Purification Operators Library Guide

EHOs & FEOs - technical, legislation and training content for EHOs and FEOs

Employers - A general guide for Employers

Filleting - How to set up an incompany filleting training programme

Fishermen - Food Hygiene Guide

Information for Fishmongers - setting up a business, introduction to fishmongering.  seafood retail.

Library GuideFish Friers - Information for Fish Friers

Fish Inspections Library Guide

Food Preparation at sea - simple guide for ships cooks

HACCP - HACCP info including model plans, draft training pack etc.

IPQs - Improve Proficiency Qualifications - workbased qualifications

Learner Workbooks for Apprentices and others

Level 2 National Occupational Standards in Fish and Shellfish

Level 3 National Occupational Standards in Fish and Shellfish

Live Lobsters

MAP and VAC Packs - Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Vacuum Packing Guidance

Promoting Seafood - Seafish promotional materials developed in 2010

Quality Assessment Resources - for Advanced Quality Course Attendees

Retailers Guide to training

Scallop shucking guidance - shucking etc

Schools Resources (2010) - Resources for GCSE Food Technology Teachers

Seafood Industry Introduction - An Introduction to the Seafood Industry

Seafood Smoking - Information for fish and shellfish smoking operators and new start-ups

Shellfish Handling and Storage Guidance - bivalve and crustacean guidance for retailers and others - to be developed

Strategic Information from Seafish

VRQs - Improve Vocational Qualifications - the new-style training course based qualifications


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