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Seafish approved trainers tend to fall into three groups.

Individuals who have the necessary skills and experience to deliver one or more Seafish approved training programmes.

Individuals who are already approved to deliver particular programmes (usually food hygiene or health & safety) and who wish to deliver the Seafish version of these programmes to clients in the seafood industry.

Organisations who deliver training and who are able to support Seafish open learning programmes by invigilating examinations.

Approval is usually of an individual rather than an organisation.

How to become a Seafish approved trainer

Seafish publish a list of criteria for the approval of trainers. If you are interested in becoming an approved trainer then please contact Seafish ( providing a copy of your CV and an indication of what courses your are interested in delivering. Here is a summary of the criteria for approval.

Seafish will only approve providers who have the necessary fish and shellfish skills and experience required for each of our programmes, plus the essential training and technical qualification(s). Once approved, training providers can seek their own clients and/or deliver courses organised by Seafish. As a Seafish approved training provider we would expect you to offer a cost effective and appropriate service to seafood businesses.

A number of trainers approved by Seafish have come to us in response to requests from existing clients. Usually these are seafood businesses who prefer Seafish's versions of generic programmes in food hygiene and health & Safety.

All Seafish approved trainers are automatically approved to invigilate our open learning programme exams in food hygiene and health & safety, irrespective of the type of taught course they are approved for.

Seafish maintains its own admin systems including for third party qualifications such as REHIS's Food Hygiene and Health & Safety qualifications. In practice this means, for example, that food hygiene courses for seafood businesses are registered through Seafish rather than directly with REHIS, allowing Seafish to monitor activity, and allowing us to issue certificates carrying the Seafish and Seafood Training Academy logos as well as those of REHIS. This would not affect your non seafood clients which you would administer as normal.

Seafish endeavor to offer cost effective training to seafood businesses. This may require an agreement on the rates to charge out for Seafish organised courses. In practice we would not seek to affect the rates you use for your own clients, but it may affect the nature of referrals you receive from Seafish.

You may wish to view this model code of practice which you would be asked to sign at stage 4 of the approval process.

The approval process

1. Approval process flowchart

2. Summary of criteria for Seafish approval

3. Generic application form

To get started, consider the criteria for approval and contact Lee Cooper at Seafish. Please note: We are not obligated to approve every applicant, even when they satisfy all of the criteria if we feel this would be detrimental to the longer term availability of training to the seafood industry.

Sources of Information

A list of Seafish approved trainers can be found here.

How to select an appropriate training provider? This old, but useful guide to selecting training providers may be very helpful.


Pending Content

For detailed information on the criteria and process of becoming a Seafish Approved Trainer please contact Lee Cooper at Seafish