Food Operations Trailblazer Apprenticeships

From this Topic Page you should be able to access with just one more click everything we have on the Food Operations Trailblazers for England. If you cannot find what you want then please email and explain clearly the information you need.

This Topic Page is a guide to the two Food Operations Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Plans as developed by the Food and Drink National Skills Academy (FDNSA).

For information on the Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills frameworks that continue to delivered until 2018 as a proficiency qualification at Levels 2 and 3, please see the Apprenticeships for Wales and Northern Ireland Topic as they use the same proficiency qualifications at the core of their ongoing apprenticeships.


Sources of Information on the Food Operations Trailblazers please consult the Food and Drink NSA in York.

You can also email or telephone 01472 252300.

The food process operator and related apprenticeship standards are applicable to many parts of the fish and shellfish processing sector. For guidance on how to apply these standards in particular businesses please contact see also:

Advanced (Level 3) Food and Drink Process Operations Trailblazer webpage

Level 2 Food and Drink Process Operations Trailblazer webpage

Other food and drink apprenticeship standards of potential benefit to fish processors:

Advanced Engineer (Degree programme) Food and Drink - see this webpage

Food and Drink Engineer in preparation (April 2018)

In 2017 a Sea Fish Industry Authority workshop in Grimsby attended by fish processors and seafood manufacturers and led by Justine Fosh, CEO of the Food and Drink NSA concluded that the Process Operator and Advanced Process Operator standards were perfectly applicable to most fish and shellfish processing and manufucaturing businesses.


Pending Content

As we get news about the implementation of these standards in the fish and shellfish industry we will update this webpage.