Qualifications for Operatives and Managers

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This Topic Page is a guide to qualifications for operatives, supervisors and managers in all types of businesses in the fish and shellfish industry. Here is a guide to motivating staff that explains the benefits of training and qualifications for all levels.


General qualifications for people working in fish processing and allied businesses will include food safety and health and safety, either as internally developed and awarded qualifications or third-party accredited and recognised qualifications.

Seafish have developed a range of accredited qualifications that can be delivered by Seafish approved trainers. Some Seafish approved trainers are based within individual businesses (including recruitment agencies) and other train staff for that business, while others are independent trainers able to support all businesses within a region.

In addition to third-party qualifications, Seafish accredits and offers a range of fish and shellfish specific qualifications to match the courses delivered by our partners and approved trainer network.

Vocational qualifications and apprenticeships represent the gold standard for qualifications for operatives, supervisors and managers in fish and shellfish processing. Both Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in fish and shellfish industry skills are generally available throughout the UK, along with the associated intermediate and advanced apprenticeships. The fish and shellfish frameworks are so comprehensive and flexible that it is possible for almost anyone in the industry directly involved with fish or shellfish to tailor a vocational qualification or apprenticeship for themselves - from scallop shucking operatives to technical managers.

Sources of Information

1. Contact details for:

2. Information on general qualifications in:

3. Other qualifications and courses include:

4. Vocational Qualifications and apprenticeships:

  • Level 2 fish and shellfish framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland;
  • Level 3 fish and shellfish framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland;
  • SVQ frameworks for Levels 2 and 3 - not available online, please contact SQA.

5. Apprenticeship Provider Network - working with...

6. General Academy Leaflets

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7. Bespoke and Specific Qualifications

    For more information on the Level 2 and 3 fish and shellfish proficiency qualifications including NVQs and SVQs, and the professional qualifications that can be achieved, download the Fish and Shellfish Diagnostic Toolkit - available here.

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