Online Testing Help Page

Online Tests are available from the Seafood Training Academy in a number of different topics, via our online testing portal.
Tests in food hygiene and health & safety are offered to support Seafish's free online learning resources.

After studying the online programme in food safety or health & safety you can attempt the online test. If you pass the online test then you can print off an online test results record. This record is not a qualification.

If you keep a record of when you study, complete the self assessment questions (SAQs) and print off the online test record then you will have documents that may satisfy your needs for a "documented" training course, all of this is free of charge.

If you need a qualification, then these same records can be used as an entry permit to sit a Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland (REHIS) exam run by Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy. We run these exams all over the UK. The exams lead to a recognised regulated qualification in elementary food hygiene or elementary health & safety.

Both the Elementary Food Hygiene and Health and Safety qualifications are formally credit rated to SCQF Level 5 (Level 2 in England, Northern Ireland and Wales).

The REHIS exams are not free of charge, although the costs should be very reasonable - contact Seafish or a Seafish approved training provider to arrange this.

GDPR Compliance

The Seafood Training Academy website does not collect personal data, not even when generating your online test result pdf. While it may be possible to track website users IP addresses we make a committment not to do this and as such we feel that our online test portal is GDPR compliant. Should you need further information on this please email