Seafish approved trainers

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This Topic Page is a guide to Seafish approved trainers which are listed on Seafish's website. Follow this link to the list of approved onshore trainers, on the Seafish website


Seafish approves training organisations as approved training providers on the basis of some shared aim to support fish and shellfish businesses and employees in a particular region. It has been sometime since Seafish last approved a training provider in this way. There are a number of organisations that Seafish is working with to deliver training and apprenticeships, and Seafish is interested in expanding this group.

How to become a Seafish approved trainer

Seafish publish a list of criteria for the approval of trainers. If you are interested in becoming an approved trainer then please contact Seafish ( providing a copy of your CV and an indication of what courses your are interested in delivering. Detailed guidance can be found in this Library Guide for Approved Training Providers

Sources of Information

A list of Seafish approved trainers can be found here.


How to select an appropriate training provider?

This old, but useful guide to selecting training providers may be very helpful.


Pending Content

For detailed information on the criteria and process of becoming a Seafish Approved Trainer please contact Lee Cooper at Seafish