Seafood Training Networks

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This Topic Page is a guide to Working With the Seafood Training Networks that are supported by Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy. These networks are collaborations between employers, training providers, education institutions, Seafish and others. The aim of these Networks is simply to work together for the benefit of trainees in the seafood industry.


he Seafood Training Network for Wales was the first of these new style networks to launch in September 2014. Other Networks will be launched to cover Northern Ireland and Scotland, and later parts of England as well.

List of Networks

Seafood Training Network for Wales - seeking additional members


Seafood Training Network Northern Ireland - seeking members


Scottish Seafood Training Network - seeking members


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Seafood Training Network - seeking members.


Proposals for new Networks

North West Seafood Training Network - this network may eventually replace the NW Seafood Training Centre

Seafood Training Network for London and the South East - pending initial discussions. This network would be led by ... (TBC)

Seafood Training Network North East - this network for NE England may eventually replace the Seafood Training Centre NE