Trailblazer Apprenticeships for Fish Friers in England

This Topic Page is a guide to the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Plans for fish frier/managers in England.

The two main Trailblazer apprenticeships for fish friers are the Level 2 "Production cooking" and Level 3 "senior chef-production cooking" standards.

The Level 2 production cooking standard and assessment plan was launched in October 2018 and the revised senior chef production cooking apprenticeship is also available from many hospitality apprenticeship providers.

Please contact Seafish for more information or view this apprenticeship provider webpage.

To find a potential provider you can contact a general hospitality apprenticeship training provider or a specialist provider for fish frying (TBA).

The Senior Chef apprenticeship (2016 version) is made up of the Standard and the Assessment Plan. The revised (2018) version of the standard and assessment plan should be available by November 2018.

The Level 2 production cooking standard is now available.

Production chefs work as part of a team in time-bound and often challenging kitchen environments, for example; schools, hospitals, the Armed Forces, care homes and high street casual dining or pub kitchens.

They report to the Senior Production chef or appropriate line manager. Production chefs are likely to work with centrally developed standardised recipes and menus, producing food often in high volumes.

They apply highly methodical organisational skills, energy, accuracy, attention to detail and are mindful of the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment.

High street casual dining kitchens are one way of describing a typical fish and chip shop working environment and while there is no mention of frying fish and chips anywhere in the standard, it does neatly fit the role of almost every fish frier working in a chip shop or restaurant.

There are a number of other Hospitality apprenticeships available such as hospitality team member, hospitality supervisor and manager which may also be appropriate in some fish frying establishments.

The Hospitality Team Member apprenticeship is made up of the Standard and the Assessment Plan

The Apprenticeship Standard describes a Hospitality Team Member apprentice as:

A hospitality team member can work in a range of establishments. The role is very varied and although hospitality team members tend to specialise in an area, they have to be adaptable and ready to support team members across the business, for example during busy periods.

Specialist areas in hospitality include food and beverage service, serving alcoholic beverages, barista, food preparation, housekeeping, concierge and guest services, reception, reservations and conference and banqueting. The most important part of the role is developing fantastic ‘hospitality’ skills and knowledge such as recognising customer needs, knowing how to match them to the products and services of the business and working as part of a team.

In the context of fish and chips, we see most apprentices using this standard as either food and beverage service (table and counter service) roles or food preparation roles Lee Cooper, Seafish.

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