Compliance Issues

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Compliance can be a complex and wide ranging issue. UK seafood businesses can get guidance from Seafish on many of these issues, but for those who do not have access to the expertise at Seafish here are a few resources that may help you to be more compliant with regulations.

Sources of Information

Training: Food handlers should be supervised, instructed and/or trained commensurate with their duties. This means that if no one else is trained, the food handler's manager really must be trained as there's no-one to supervise them. Most seafood businesses however decide to train all of their food handlers, usually with some form of accredited course at level 1, 2 or 3. For seafood specific food safety training courses and trainers click here.

For information on HACCP training and H&S Training click here.

Labeling: Seafish are currently (mid 2014) developing guidance on the new labeling and traceability requirements and are delivering a series of workshops around the UK. For more information please contact the Regulation Team at Seafish in Grimsby (01472 252300)

Food Safety and HACCP: Resources include -

HACCP Library Guide; Assessment and Management of Seafood Safety and Quality (FAO);

Global Aquaculture Alliance on Seafood Processing Standards

The FSA (Food Standards Agency) MyHACCP Toolkit aimed at small food manufacturing businesses in the UK, although businesses in other food sectors may find it useful.

Fish Inspections - Library guide here

Health and Safety:

Scallop Shucking and Handling:

Guidance for Processors, Chefs and Divers


Older and Miscellaneous Publications:

Seafish's 2003 Fish Purchase Specifications

Pending Content

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