Lending Library


The Lending Library is a growing collection of older science and food technology books that have been donated by scientists (see below) working in the seafood industry. Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy will maintain this collection and make individual books available on free loan for a period of between 3 and 6 months to any UK based seafood business, researcher or student. We are also happy to receive similar donations from individuals and institutions.

Terms and Conditions

Up to 3 books at any on time can be borrowed. requests for loans should be sent in by email to training@seafish.co.uk, and should include your name, full contact details and a list of the books you wish to borrow.

The loan period will be at least 3 months and would not usually exceed 6 months unless an extended loan is requested. We may ask for a book to be returned after 3 months if it has been requested by someone else.

We will post the books to you free of charge. You will pay the cost of returning the books to Seafish in Grimsby. Please take good care of our books.

The Books

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SFIA 012 Effects of Pollutants on Aquatic Organisms Society for Experimental Biology 1976 Aquaculture/Ecology
SFIA 013 Fish & Shellfish Farming in Coastal Waters P H Milne 1972 Aquaculture/Ecology
SFIA 016 Fisheries and Ecology Proceedings Karadeniz Technical University 1998 Aquaculture/Ecology
SFIA 060 Textbook of Fish Culture Breeding & Cultivation of Fish Marcel Huet 1970 Aquaculture/Ecology
SFIA 008 Carotenoids Parul Karrer & Ernst Jucker 1950 Biochemistry
SFIA 009 Chemistry & Biochemistry of Plant Pigments T W Goodwin 1976 Biochemistry
SFIA 061 The Biochemistry of the Carotenoids Chapman & Hall 1952 Biochemistry
SFIA 006 Biology Data Book Federation of American Scoieties 1964 Biology
SFIA 041 Practical Invertebrate Anatomy W S Bulloch 1951 Biology
SFIA 062 The Biology of Marine Animals J A Nicol 1967 Biology
SFIA 056 Subject in 21st Century Drs Subiyanta & Watanabe 1995 Misc
SFIA 003 A Practical Handbook of Seawater Analysis J D H Strickland & T R Parsons 1968 Chemistry
SFIA 037 Organic Chemistry - The Fundamental Principles I L Finar 1963 Chemistry
SFIA 038 Oxidations & Reductions in the Animal Body H D Dakin 1922 Chemistry
SFIA 042 Practical Physical Chemistry Alexander Findlay 1955 Chemistry
SFIA 045 Qualitative Chemical Analysis Arthur I Vogel 1952 Chemistry
SFIA 047 Quantitative Inorganic Analysis Arthur Vogel 1961 Chemistry
SFIA 063 The Chemical Senses R W Moncrieff 1967 Chemistry
SFIA 064 The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds Klaus Hogmann 1953 Chemistry
SFIA 029 Industrial Fishery Technology Maurice E Stansby 1963 Fishing
SFIA 001 A First Course in Computer Technology M G Hartely & M Healy 1978 Misc
SFIA 002 A Primer of Signal Detection Theory D. McNicol 1972 Misc
SFIA 005 Beamer 2000: Safety-Integrated (re)designing The Kindunos Method Tu Delft 1992 Misc
SFIA 018 Fitting Equations to Data C Daniel & F S Wood 1971 Misc
SFIA 025 Handbook for Junior Fisheries Officers Part 1 J F Rogers 1982 Misc
SFIA 027 Heat Pumps R D Heap 1979 Misc
SFIA 028 Heat Pumps J T McMullan & R Morgan 1981 Misc
SFIA 030 Introductory Statistics M H Quenouille 1950 Misc
SFIA 036 On Sensory Evaluation of Odorous Air Pollutant Intensities Thomas Lindvall 1970 Misc
SFIA 049 Regression Analysis By Example Sampri H Chatterjee & Bertram Price 1977 Misc
SFIA 050 Science et Technique du Froid International Institute of Refrigeration 1990 Misc
SFIA 054 Statistical Methods in Research & Production Oliver & Boyd 1958 Misc
SFIA 024 HACCP Sara Mortimore & Carol Wallace 2001 Safety of Foods
SFIA 004 Advances in Fish Science and Technology (2 copies) J J Connell 1979 Seafood Science
SFIA 007 Bycatch Utilisation in Tropical Fisheries Frans Teutscher 1998 Seafood Science
SFIA 010 Chilling & Freezing of New Fish Products Tory Research Station 1990 Seafood Science
SFIA 011 Control of Fish Quality J.J. Connell 1975 Seafood Science
SFIA 014 Fish and Seafood: The Use of Exotic Species in Today's Market Dr Mike Edwards 2006 Seafood Science
SFIA 015 Fish Handling, Preservation and Processing in the Tropics Part 1 I J Clucas 1981 Seafood Science
SFIA 017 Fisheries Science in Tropical Area with Special Reference to Post-Harvest . . Seafood Science
SFIA 019 Food and Its Functions A G Cameron 1968 Seafood Science
SFIA 020 Food Taints and Off-Flavours M J Saxby 1993 Seafood Science
SFIA 021 Food Taste Chemistry James C Boudreau 1979 Seafood Science
SFIA 022 Frozen Seafood: The Buyers Handbook Ian Dore 1982 Seafood Science
SFIA 023 Gustation and Olfaction G Ohloff & A F Thomas 1971 Seafood Science
SFIA 026 Handling, Processing and Marketing of Tropical Fish Tropical Products Institute 1976 Seafood Science
SFIA 031 Laboratory Methods for Sensory Evaluation of Food (2 copies) Agriculture Canada 1977 Seafood Science
SFIA 032 Lipids as a Source of Flavor Michael K Supran 1977 Seafood Science
SFIA 033 Odour Description and Odour Classification E.C. Batesmith & D G Land 1968 Seafood Science
SFIA 034 Odours R W Moncrieff 1970 Seafood Science
SFIA 035 Off-Flavors in Foods and Beverages George Charalambous 1992 Seafood Science
SFIA 039 Post-Harvest Fisheries Development: A Guide to Handling & Preservation . . Seafood Science
SFIA 040 Practical Food Microbiology & Technology Weiser 1962 Seafood Science
SFIA 043 Principles of Sensory Evaluation of Food Amerine, Pegborn & Roessler 1965 Seafood Science
SFIA 044 Processing and Quality (2 copies) Natural Resources Institute 1996 Seafood Science
SFIA 046 Quality Assurance in The Fish Industry Huss, Jakobsen & Liston 1991 Seafood Science
SFIA 048 Quick Frozen Food Survey Institute of Weights & Measures . Seafood Science
SFIA 051 Seafood Science and Technology E Graham Bligh 1992 Seafood Science
SFIA 052 Sensory Analysis of Foods J R Piggott 1984 Seafood Science
SFIA 053 Sensory Properties of Foods Birch, Brennan & Parker 1977 Seafood Science
SFIA 055 Storage Lives of Chilled & Frozen Fish & Fish Products International Institute of Refrigeration 1985 Seafood Science
SFIA 057 Sweet Substances A T Cameron 1947 Seafood Science
SFIA 058 Taste and Odour in Waters and Aquatic Organisms Persson, Yurkowski & Marshall 1983 Seafood Science
SFIA 059 Teachers Folder: Total Quality, Management, Measures, Assurance & Systems Comett . Seafood Science
SFIA 065 The Quality of Frozen Foods Mogens Jul 1984 Seafood Science
SFIA 066 The Taste Sense: The Relative Sweetness of Sugars and Other . . Seafood Science
SFIA 067 Toxic Constituents of Animal Foodstuffs Irvin E Liener 1974 Seafood Science
SFIA 068 Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry Arthur I Vogel 1951 Chemistry

List of Donors - our thanks to the following individuals who have donated books in the collection above.

Tony Garthwaite

Harry Davis