Quality Assessment

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This Topic Page is a guide to training courses in quality assessment of fish and shellfish.

Next Advanced course - details are here.


Quality is key. As Skipper George said in Seafish's care of the catch video "It's a waste of time going to sea unless you do it right".

He was right, and not just about the care of the catch onboard fishing vessels, but throughout the fish and shellfish chain. Fish is a highly perishable food product and we must all be aware of this. Quality managers in manufacturing often say that if you cannot measure it you cannot manage it. The same is true of fish quality, and sadly in our industry there is a lack of individuals who can objectively and quantitatively measure the quality of fish.

Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy are doing what we can to bring quality assessment to the attention of fish processors, mongers and friers

Sources of Information

There are training courses available at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Main quality assessment webpage

Introductory - usually delivered to a team from a single business. Good for general awareness of quality assessment methods. There is a cooked scheme version of this course for fish friers and chefs.

Advanced - a five day training programme for people who are serious about their ability to assess the quality of fish.

Intermediate - a practical only course for those that have taken either the Introductory or Advanced courses.

Refresher training and a vocationally related qualification (VRQ) in quality assessment are also available.

Video explaining more about these courses

Pending Content

Next courses are..... Advanced Quality Assessment, Peterhead and Grimsby, February 2017.  Dates will be announced as soon as we have finalised the venues for each of these courses.  The courses can only go ahead once we have secured enough bookings so please contact onshore@seafish.co.uk to find out more or to express your interest in a course.  Click Here for more information on the next course(s).


Guides to quality etc

Seafish have some excellent guides to the sustainability of fish on their website and also through the RASS database maintained by Seafish.

BIM have a series of good quality guides that you can download - click here