Seafood Quality Assessment

- Intermediate Course Details

This 2 day training course consists of focused theory and 'hands on' practical sessions, delivered by Seafish approved trainers. The course is ideally suited to seafood technologists, technical and QA staff, fishmongers, suppliers, retailers and the food service sector. Delegates will become competent in using the most effective and latest fish quality assessment methods and learn about simple fish filleting techniques.

The course covers the indispensible quality assessment schemes - TORRY and QIM methods, and delegates will learn about assessing the quality of raw and cooked fish. The programme will help provide delegates with the skill to confidently assess the quality of key fish species and the opportunity to practice two methods of simple fish filleting to produce single fillets and cutlets.

Course content

  • Fundamental Fish Quality Assessment Theory
  • TORRY and QIM Schemes
  • Raw and Cooked Schemes
  • Whole Fish/ Fish Products Assessment
  • Individual and Group Fish Assessment
  • Fish Filleting Techniques
  • Blind-Scoring Cooked Fish
  • Discussion, Problem-solving and Support

"Assessing the organoleptic quality of fish is critical for fishmongers and companies who wish to supply their customers with fresh, delicious fish. This course will give delegates a superior knowledge of the key principles of fish quality assessment and the skill to use TORRY and QIM schemes as indicators of fish freshness." - Lee Cooper, Seafish