Master Fishmonger Scheme - Support Materials


  1. Industry led training courses
  2. Food safety and health & safety
  3. Fish&shellfish preparation and knife skills
  4. Display and merchandising
  5. Quality Assessment
  6. Temperature control
  7. The Seafood Industry
  8. Responsible sourcing and sustainability
  9. Technical Documents and Open Learning Modules Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets


Information leaflets Documents DVDs and Videos Presentations


General Resources for this Study Guide:




Part 1: Industry led training courses

Billingsgate Seafood Training School offer training courses for new entrant fishmongers and in fish filleting and quality assessment. The School will also be the focus for the Fishmongering Apprenticeship Programme starting in September/October 2013. This programme will support apprentices from a range of different apprenticeship providers and approved centres in the UK.

Seafish provide a range of online training courses and training materials for the onshore sectors of the fish and shellfish industry. Many of Seafish's learning materials are available here in this (and other) Study Guides free of charge.

Seafish approved training providers (ATPs) also deliver a range of Seafish training courses.

Duchy College, part of the SW Apprenticeship Group will be offering a small number of public courses and workshops in fish and shellfish. Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets



Part 2: Food safety and health & safety

Free food safety learning programme here. Note - charges will apply to sit an exam to achieve a formal qualification.
•Food safety training course information
•Youtube - 5 videos on food safety
Model HACCP Plan
•HACCP Chapter

HACCP Library Guide

H&S Open learning module - available from Seafish as a stand alone workbook or as part of a CIEH certificate programme. The accompanying H&S video programme is available here.

H&S learning materials developed for the fish frying distance learning programme are available here.

Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets



Part 3: Fish & shellfish preparation and knife skills

Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets



Part 4: Display and Merchandising

Fisheries Control Regulations: Traceability and consumer information requirements - Seafish published November 2012

A general guide to small retailer display and merchandising is available here, from the North Central Regional Centre for Rural Development

Here is a short guide to fish displays from

Fishmonger Practice - Display and merchandising (Seafish's old training manual) This old training manual contains much that is still useful and informative, but also some information (legislation etc) that is out of date. 10mb PDF download.

Seafish's Web content - Labeling, consumer research, responsible sourcing. Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets



Part 5: Quality Assessment

See this section on quality assessment training courses of 1 to 5 days duration.;

Seafish has five Youtube video programmes on quality assessment

Seafish's guide to Torry and QIM scoresheets.

Seafish's Guide to the specification of fish for purchase.

Maintaining fish quality - old training manual, 3mb PDF download.

Scallop quality report Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets



Part 6: Temperature Control

Online resources for the packing of fish and use of ice - Seafish narrative.

Defrosting fish and shellfish - Technical Guide Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets and Learner Workbook

Ice in fisheries - FAO Publication

Freezing and refrigerated storage in fisheries - FAO Publication

Chilling of seafood

Open learning module - the chilled fish chain (written prior to 1990, but still a fair description of the processes etc)

Torry Advisory Note on chilled prepacked fish - available here

Powerpoint presentation on chilling - simple presentations on primary processing - available in the seafood science gallery.

Seafish Technical Report (SR598) on Thawing - addresses chilling issues - available here as a pdf

Freezing and defrosting

Open learning module - the frozen fish chain (written prior to 1990, but still a fair description of the processes etc).

Torry Advisory note on freezing - Quick freezing fish : Frozen at Sea Fish

Powerpoint presentations on freezing - several presentations on secondary processing - available in the seafood science gallery

see this Raw Materials Intake training pack



Part 7: The seafood industry

This is a simple overview. For more detailed information please see the Principles of fish and shellfish product knowledge guides that are currently in preparation.

The Seafood Industry Factsheet - a simple guide produced by Seafish showing key industry facts and statistics.

Independent Fishmongers Study - Produced in 2005

Retail Overview - produced quarterly by Seafish- example - 1st quarter 2012 report

News and comments videos - available on Youtube in the Seafishtheauthority channel - see these 4 commentaries


There are 13 videos available on fishing and harvesting on Seafish's Youtube channel.

Seafish's 2015 publication - Basic Fishing Methods

A Guide to fishing methods - Marine Conservation Society


Shellfish harvesting video

The Seafish guide to aquaculture

Fish Markets

- Billingsgate inland market, Grimsby market, Peterhead market


elearning programme on smoking<

Youtube - 4 videos on smoking, coatings etc

Fish and Chips

9 Fish frying skills videos on youtube

Consumers, recipes and health

Seafish's online content for consumers Seafish's recipe database The Seafish guide to omega-3 health claims



Part 8: Responsible sourcing and sustainability


The main Seafish responsible Sourcing Guide webpage is here.

Some key Guides available from Seafish include:

Other Seafish web content includes

Certified Seafood

Marine Protected Areas

Responsible fishing scheme

Sustainable seafood guides

Discard reduction strategy statement from Seafish

The Seafish guide to sustainability

Traceability and labeling - please consult this handy Seafish webpage

Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets



Part 9: Technical Documents and Open Learning modules

From Seafish

Cooling of Cooked and Smoked Fish in Retail Displays - Report of Laboratory Trials 1992

Quality Evaluation of Fresh Fish at Retail Level - November 1993 report

Guidelines for the handling of chilled fish by retailers

The Seafood Guide

Retailers Guidelines from Western Australia

Thawing Fish

Chilled fish Chain OLM

Frozen Fish Chain OLM

Live Crabs and Lobsters OLM

Fish and Shellfish ID OLM

Torry Advisory Notes - a series of 80+ booklets developed in the 1960s and 70s but still of great interest today.  This FAO Saved Search should take you to the list of 80+ TANs.  If it does not then websearch FAO Torry Advisory Note.