GDPR Statement

GDPR Statement

The Seafood Training Academy does not directly collect personal data as defined by GDPR.

We do have images on webpages and leaflets that fall under the umbrella of GDPR and we are taking reasonable steps to either replace none compliant images or seek positive consent to use existing images as quickly as practicable.

Our web hosting service provider (CWCS Ltd) and Google Analytics will collect some data on traffic but we do not access that information other than to look at trends in the use of this website.

As we work towards full compliance please be patient with us.

This does not affect your individual rights under GDPR and should you wish to exercise those rights in respect of this website then please email or contact 01482 486482 so that we can respond accordingly.

Under GDPR you have certain individual rights. The Information Commissioner's Office has published a handy guide to these rights that can be found here - Your individual rights