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This part of the Library contains more substantial documents usually as pdf files. They are provided for your own use, or the use of your staff for their learning. If you want to use any of these materials to deliver commercial training to clients then please seek the permission of the original copyright holder.

Sources of Information

Motivation and Training Guide for Employers
Seafood business owners who want to inspire and upskill their staff now have a new tool on hand - a training and motivation guide developed by Seafish. The guide is aimed at fish mongers and other small seafood businesses.
The guide is available free of charge as a download here, or as a printed copy for £5 plus P&P from Seafish Training on 01472 252302.

The Seafood Guide - based upon M&J Seafoods original Seafood Guide, this 2009 Academy version is available as a pdf.

In 2020 an all new Seafood Guide was published by Seafish. To purchase a copy of this new large format full colour 63 page publication (£5.00 per copy) please email

Take your partners A guide to getting the best for you and your business out of training providers - an excellent publication developed by the Food Skills Group at Scottish Enterprise. Although the guide was produced for businesses using Scottish Vocational Qualifications, it is also as good general guide to training.
Coaching in the Workplace guide - Seafish's successful distance learning pack, available free of charge as a pdf. A hardcopy is available for £15 which includes the Training DVD VIPs - coaching in the workplace. (order from Seafish (01472 252300)).

Identification of Fish and Shellfish - Originally published in 1989 as an open learning module, this pdf file presents a technical guide to the scientific identification of fish and shellfish. Seafish have also developed a DVD (2007) guide to seafood identification. Both the pdf and the DVD complement the information available in the guide to seafood species section of this website.

Handling and Transport of Live Crabs and Lobsters - a Seafish open learning module. Available here as a PDF download from the Library.


Other Documents (see also individual Library Guides)