Academy recognised qualifications

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This Topic Page is a guide to Academy recognised qualifications.


The Seafood Academy introduced the Recognition Process several years ago as a means of raising standards in training delivery. Many, but not all of the programmes offered by Academy Partners are recognised. Programmes that are not yet recognised are still of the high quality typical of the Seafood Academy, BUT they are usually only available from a single Partner, rather than the Academy partnership as a whole.

Sources of Information

Leaflets on most of the recognised programmes are available from this webpage.

You can also consult Seafish's Onshore Training Information on their website

The Seafood Academy recognised programmes are available for delivery by Seafish's network of approved training providers. These providers stretch from Lands End to Shetlands, Kent to Northern Ireland.

For more information please email or telephone 01472 252302.


Pending Content

Content to be added soon will include:

  • New recognised programmes:
  • How to become a recognised trainer:
  • How to become a recognised training centre.