Level 2 Study Guides - Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills

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This Topic Page is a guide to learning resources for all parts of the fish and shellfish industry.

Seafish Study Guides are simple pdf documents that provide links to online learning resources such as documents, publications, videos and websites that can help you in your studies. This page is dedicated to the key fish/shellfish and retail/food service knowledge units in the Level 2 framework.

There are also a range of Library Guides that cover topics in a more general way.

With time and based on your suggestions we will expand our coverage of the Understand and Principles of units in this framework. To suggest a study guide to develop, please email onshore@seafish.co.uk


See the Level 3 Study Guides

Level 2 Fish and shellfish framework - click here

Completed Level 2 Study Guides

Process fish and shellfish in a retail sales environment - a Level 2 Study Guide

Display fish and shellfish for retail sale - a Level 2 Study Guide

Other Guides will be produced in due course


Sources of Information


Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills - Key units

The Unit titles (underlined) have hyperlinks to the appropriate occupational standard. The full set of Units (as applied to the Diploma) are available here

Individual units, pairs or groups of units may have their own study guide or share a study guide. More Guides will be published as resources allow and demand requires.

Product knowledge

General operations

Fish and shellfish smoking

Quality assessment

Bivalve purification


Fish frying

Pending Content