Fish Frying and Customer Service Skills

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The Fish-Frying Skills qualification has been developed by Seafish in collaboration with the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF). The qualification has been tailored for those working in the foodservice industry, and covers all the skills required to prepare and cook delicious, high-quality fish and chips.

The Seafish/NFFF Fish-Frying Skills distance learning programme is accessible and yet comprehensive, making it equally beneficial to both experienced foodservice professionals and individuals looking to get started in the industry. The course itself is designed to be self-studied, and the qualification is awarded on the basis of an onsite assessment, and is endorsed by both Seafish and the NFFF.

To register for the Fish Frying Skills qualification, please contact the NFFF in Leeds.

The NFFF also offer one-day and three-day fish frying training course in Leeds. The KFE fish frying training centre near Peterborough offers a two-day training course.

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