Seafood Chefs

From this Topic Page you should be able to access with just one more click everything we have on this topic including webpages, pdfs, video files etc. If you cannot find what you want then please email and explain clearly the information you need.

This Topic Page is a guide to information for Seafood Chefs includingseafood cookery courses and training resources. Many of the Seafish recognised Apprenticeship Providers are also Catering Colleges.


Seafish is working with Colleges and other providers of catering training and is seeking to improve the seafood knowledge and understanding in chefs.

Sources of Information for Seafood Chefs

1. Fish and Shellfish Product Knowledge

of the Academy site or as a very glossy publication from Seafish - the Seafish Seafood Guide. Catering students in UK Colleges should contact their course tutor to see if they can obtain a free copy of the Guide.

There is a vocationally related qualification in fish and shellfish product knowledge - details are here.

Seafish's Responsible Sourcing Guides (RSGs)are also a useful source of information on individual species of fish and shellfish.

2. Filleting and Preparation Techniques

3. Scallops - Preparation, safety and cooking

4. Seafish's Fish is the Dish programme

An entire website dedicated to encouraging children to have a taste for seafood.



Pending Content

As trainee chefs and catering Colleges identify additional learning needs we will do our best to locate and make available suitable learning resources.