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This Topic Page contains links to various sources of video content on fish and shellfish.


Seafish and our Academy partners have a history of producing high quality training and information videos. Many of these programmes are available free of charge via youtube or from a Partner website.

Seafish has a range of DVD's available for purchase for £5 per disc, including our Seafood and eat it DVD 6 pack available for a combined (UK only) price of £25.00

Sources of Information

Youtube - search for seafishtheauthority (no spaces) on YouTube for the 100+ Seafish produced information and training videos.

Online Learning Resources- review the various Study Guides for links to specific videos or Playlists on fish and shellfish topics.

Pending Content

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The Seafood and Eat It DVD set

Ever wanted to know how to prepare that fish or shellfish so you can wow your friends with your expertise? Seafood and Eat It is an approved industry standard guide to filleting fish and hand processing shellfish.

Seafood and Eat It includes six DVDs in total, four on fish filleting and hand processing techniques, a further DVD on seafood identification and a sixth disc covering seafood quality assessment. This is the most comprehensive pack of information and training DVDs ever brought together on this subject.

Developed by the Sea Fish Industry Authority and featuring demonstrations by one of the most talented fishmongers in the UK, this 6 DVD pack represents hours of expert tuition. Note: PAL format only. £25.00 plus P&P

All of the programmes in discs 2-6 are available free of charge. For more information start here.

Disc 1: Identification of Marine Fish and Shellfish - presented as a menu of flatfish, round fish, oily fish, shellfish and skate rays & sharks. More than 40 species are discussed.

Disc 2: Fish Filleting Training Programme - Tools, Lemon Sole, Seabass, Cod, Salmon, Mackerel and Plaice are all covered here. Salmon steaking Mackerel cutlets

Disc 3: A Masterclass in the Preparation of Round Fish - 15 demonstrations from filleting catfish to tropical snappers. Seabass trim and gut

Disc 4: A Masterclass in the Preparation of Flatfish - Brill, Dab, Dover Sole, Halibut, Megrim, Turbot and Witch are all demonstrated. (Plaice is on disc 2). Plaice cross cut

Disc 5: A Masterclass in the Preparation of Shellfish and Oil Rich Fish - Crabs, Langoustine, Lobsters, Oysters, Prawns and Squid. Herring, Sardines Swordfish, Trout and Tuna are all here. (Salmon and Mackerel are on disc 2)

Disc 6: Seafood Quality Assessment - Overview, QIM, TORRY and shopping for fish are the main topics covered on disc 6

To order your set please email

NB: For overseas orders the DVDs are only available individually for £10 plus P&P.