Scottish Seafood Training Network

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    Who Are We?

    The Seafood Training Network is an initiative established by Seafish, the Seafood Training Academy, the Scottish Seafood Association, and fish and shellfish apprenticeship and training providers in Scotland. The aims of the Network are;

    i) To signpost training opportunities to the onshore fish and shellfish sector in Scotland,

    ii) To encourage skills development and career progression,

    iii) To seek funding to support training needs,

    iv) To promote cooperation in the provision of fish and shellfish training across Scotland, and

    v) To provide a voice to fish and shellfish employers in Scotland over training issues.


    Plans and Opportunities

    Coming soon - Profiles on providers, Survey of training needs, Programme of Network events and activities. See the links on the left for more information on courses, events, apprenticeships, etc.

    Network Members

    1. Network Partners

    Network Chairman - Helen Muir, Group HR Director, Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd

    Jimmy Buchan / and Jean Meikle - Scottish Seafood Association

    Donna Fordyce - Seafood Scotland

    Gerry McBride - Skills Development Scotland

    Duncan Abernathy and Linda Hope - North East Scotland College (NESCOL)

    Gordon Gibb - Polaris Learning Ltd

    Donna Maver - DM Training

    Ian Land - Seafish Scotland Regional Team

    Lee Cooper - Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy

    Stuart Atkinson - NFFF Director for Scotland

    Calum Richardson - independent fish frier, The Bay Fish and Chips.

    2. Employers

    Any seafood employer in Scotland is eligible to become a member of the Network. Please see #7 at the bottom of the page for more information.


    3. Apprenticeship and Training Providers

    The following training providers offer fish and shellfish specific training in Scotland.

    Scottish Seafood Association/Michael Sim - for all compliance and standards related training for SSA members

    Liz Soutar Training (SW Scotland) for food hygiene and HACCP related training - Seafish approved trainer

    Ian Meek (NW Scotland) for food hygiene and HACCP related training - Seafish approved trainer. Ian also provides guidance on shellfish purification

    DM Training (Grampian) - Donna Maver - who also sits on the Network Partners Group is approved to deliver food hygiene and HACCP training

    MAS Food Consultancy Ltd / Michael Sim (for none SSA related training) - Seafish approved trainer

    Polaris Learning Ltd - Fish and Shellfish Apprenticeships, knife skills training and smoking courses.

    Scottish Shellfish Training Centre - Bivalve purification approved trainer.

    Sheila Chapman (Orkney) for food hygiene and HACCP related training - Seafish approved trainer.


    4. Colleges and Facilities Providers

    North East Scotland College (NESCOL, Fraserburgh)- Smoking training centre etc. Contact D Abernethy

    Ayrshire College - contact J Govan

    City of Glasgow College - contact M Donald


    5. Industry Representatives

    National Federation of Fishmongers - representative to be agreed

    National Federation of Fish Friers - representative is Colin Cromar of The Fish Hoose in Fife and NFFF Director for Scotland.


    6. Terms of Reference of the Scottish Seafood Training Network

    Terms of Reference - available here

    Partner Meeting Notes

    July 2020 - - Meeting notes here.

    June 2020 - - Meeting notes here.

    February 2020 - - Meeting notes here.

    April 2019 - - Meeting notes here.

    January 2019 - Meeting notes here.

    October 2018 - Meeting notes here.

    2015 Network Launch - presentations etc available here


    7. New Members

    If you want to become a member of the Network then please go to this webpage for more information and to download a Membership form.


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