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Fishmongers and merchants are very well served by the Seafood Training Academy partnership and by Seafish with regard to information and courses. New entrant and established fishmongers alike can benefit from the array of online learning resources and qualifications available from this site, as well as the taught training courses available from sector leader - Billingsgate Seafood Training School, Seafish and other providers such as Seafood Cornwall Training.

For qualifications, fishmongers should consider the Level 3 Diploma in Fish and Shellfish to be the recognised professional qualification for master fishmongers, with the closely related level 3 certificate and level 2 certificate and diploma providing a progression from new entrant to master.

These qualifications are well supported by the various apprenticeship providers who are closely working with and recognised by Seafish.

Sources of Information

Online learning resources cover a number of topics of interest to fishmongers and others. Online Study Guides represent the most comprehensive source of information available for fishmongers, in particular this Introductory Fishmonger Study Guide.

For information on apprenticeships for fishmongers and merchants please view:

These Apprenticeship Providers are working with Seafish to support qualifications for fishmongers. For a full list of the trainers, centres, other providers etc that the Seafood Academy works with, please consult the Working With Section in the column to the left.

Billingsgate and other Academy Partners are able to provide specific advice and support. Seafish remains the primary point of contact via

The Topics Seafish News and News for Fishmongers provide regular updates on issues of interest, in particular apprenticeship opportunities.

Free online learning videos are available on YouTube via the Movie Theatre topic page.

Quality assessment and other recognised training programmes may be of interest.

Fishmongers may also wish to consult the Seafood Guide and Library Guides Sections of the Seafood Academy website - see column to left.


See Also

National Federation of Fishmongers - NFF website

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