Seafood Quality Assessment

What courses are available?

Introductory - there are two versions of this short (4-7 hrs) quality assessment training course. The Raw Schemes course covers the assessment of whole round and flatfish and is ideal for individuals who have to assess the quality of fish on a market or as it comes into a factory or fishmongers. Both TORRY and QIM are introduced. More Information

The Cooked Schemes introductory course focuses on assessing the quality of cooked fish. While this training course is ideal for chefs, fish and chip shops and similar seafood businesses, it is also of great use to quality assurance staff as well as fishmongers etc. Based on the cooked TORRY schemes, the methods demonstrated during this course can be very effectively used to quality check fillets, portions and even the fish going into coated or ready meal products. More Information

Advanced - this 5 day training course is aimed at the manager/supervisor or master fishmonger. For five days you will be immersed in the theory and practice of assessing fish and fish products using the full range of organoleptic methods. Sight, smell, touch and taste will be used to objectively assess the quality of a range of fish. More Information and Next Course

Refresher - The Refresher seafood quality assessment course is a practical programme that is aimed at holders of the Advanced certificate. During a Refresher training course you will either learn how to apply a new assessment scheme for a new species or use the day to practice and refresh your existing skills in assessing round fish, flatfish or fish products.

More Information available from Refresher courses have a bespoke programme designed to meet the needs of each individual group.

Intermediate - This 2 or 3 day training course neatly bridges the gap between the Introductory course and the industry standard Advanced Quality assessment course - find out more here.

Incompany Intermediate courses are available in all of our Advanced venues and the model programme can be edited to meet specific needs.

Model course programme - click here

Other Information

There are a range of different methods of assessing the quality of fish and shellfish. Common ones used by industry include the TORRY scale and QIM (Quality Index Method). For more information look here on the Seafish website or view this Seafish guide on Torry and QIM.

The Introductory course is delivered by Seafish approved trainers. To become an approved trainer you will need to attend the Advanced course and satisfy other criteria.

Other flexible courses can be arranged that span the divide between Introductory and Advanced programmes.

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