Scallop Processors


The information on this page is brought to you by Seafish.

Seafish have developed training resources for scallop processors, including the Scallop handling and shucking practices, an incompany coaching pack, with supporting online video programmes.

You can download and access the scallop pack as a pdf here.


A hard copy of the training pack is available from Seafish at a cost of £15.00 and can be obtained by contacting Seafish. Please email or telephone 01472 252300

Seafish have a large number of free to view video programmes. on their YouTube channel -

* The DVD is no longer available

Other information

Scallop washing poster

Model HACCP plan for scallop shucking - for additional HACCP information please click here

The draft Seafood Chef and Scallop Divers pages have useful information that may also apply to processing operations. The Divers page has links to key legislation and information on biotoxins, while the chefs page has links to videos on shucking and cooking.

Chef's Page

Divers Page