Training Centres

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This Topic Page is a guide to Working With Training Centres


Training centres are organisations that provide specialist training services to the seafood industry. They may be private commercial ventures, Academy partners, educational intuitions etc. To deliver these services centres will usually require specialist equipment and expertise. Seafish have approved training centres for quality assessment, bivalve purification, smoking and fish frying.

Advanced Fish Quality Assessment - Adrian Barratt is Seafish's senior trainer in this discipline. While he is able to deliver this course at a number of approved venues, only Campden BRI in the centre of England is an approved Advanced Fish Quality Assessment Centre. Other organisations are approved as training venues for these courses. These include the Food Technology Centre on Anglesey, North Wales; Grimsby Fishmarket; Billingsgate Seafood School; Grimsby Seafood Village Training School; Blackpool and the Fylde College; BIM's training centre in southern Ireland; Duchy College, Cornwall. We currently have no approved venues in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Bivalve Purification - two centres have been approved covering Scotland & Northern Ireland, and England & Wales.

Fish Smoking - The main fish smoking training centre approved by Seafish is the Grimsby Seafood Village Training School which delivers fish smoking training to participants from across the UK and internationally. The training is delived by Ivan Jaines White (Grimsby Seafood Village) is approved by Seafish as the senior instructor for fish smoking, and the Academy is able to deliver training courses throughout the UK using AFOS Micro Kilns.

Three kilns are based in Grimsby, one at the Grimsby Institute for training catering students, and two at the Seafood Village for all other courses. Seafish have supplied a kiln to Scotland for training and there is a fifth micro kiln available for courses elsewhere in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Fish Frying - Fish frying training courses are available through the NFFF Frying Academyin Leeds and their Centre in Northern Ireland and the Seafish approved training centre run by KFE in Peterborough.


Training Centres

Grimsby Seafood Village Training School

Southern Shellfish Training Centre

Scottish Shellfish Training Centre

Campden BRI

Llangefni Food Technology Centre

Blackpool and the Fylde College

Lakes College West Cumbria

Grimsby Institute

KFE Scool of Fish Frying Excellence

NFFF Frying School - Leeds

NFFF Fish Frying Centre - Northern Ireland

Pending Content

Other centres will be approved over time, including fish filleting and mongering training centres. If you would like to apply to become an approved centre or trainer then please contact Lee Cooper at Seafish.