About the Seafood Training Academy

  • Who Are We?
    The Seafood Training Academy is approved by the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink Manufacturing as the recognised Champion for the seafood industry - for more information have a look at this overview or follow the links below.
    The Seafood Training Academy is a partnership between:
  • Billingsgate Seafood Training School , London ; Overview    
  • Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education; Overview
  • National Federation of Fish Friers'  Training School, Leeds ;  Overview    feature article on the Frying School
  • North West Seafood Training Centre, Blackpool and Workington ; Overview
  • Seafood Training Centre North East, Amble: Overview feature article
  • Sea Fish Industry Authority, Hull and Grimsby; Overview
    What is our Purpose?
    1. To raise standards of training delivery;
    2. To provide access to high quality, costs-effective training
    3. To promote learning and development in the seafood industry
    4. To provide access to information about the industry.
    How will we do this?
    Our Partners and Associates will collaborate and cooperate more effectively to:
     • Promote training and learning opportunities;
     • Agree and set standards for training delivery;
     • Share best practice;
     • Achieve economies of scale;
     • Provide a ‘one stop shop' for industry.
     The Seafood Training Academy has a range of seafood industry specific training programmes that are available to the seafood industry in the UK

The Seafood Training Academy is able to offer its services and benefits to seafood employers throughout the UK.