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    The Fish Frying Training School is situated within the National Federation of Fish Friers offices in Leeds. The National Federation of Fish Friers is a non profit making organisation, owned by it’s members.

    At the NFFF, our main roles are to represent the fish frying industry and to raise standards within the industry. We represent the industry on a number of Government sponsored bodies i.e. FSA, NICE etc, aimed at improving standards, creating an awareness of healthy eating and the need to reduce fat intake within the fat product.

    Modern and comprehensive facilities at the Training School include:

    - Lecture room
    - Preparation room
    - Frying room equipped with two frying ranges, one traditional and the other high efficiency

    These are backed up by a team of highly skilled instructors, all qualified and experienced people from within the industry.

    The Training School offers a range of courses designed to improve the skills of the students. People attending come from a wide range of backgrounds and with varying degrees of experience. In addition to Seafood Academy recognised qualifications in food safety and health & safety, the school has bespoke fish frying skills courses available.

    Practical Fish Frying Training

    The courses offered at the School take into account participants experience and aim to develop the individuals’ skills on both a practical and theoretical basis.


    This course is designed for people new to the industry. It is very comprehensive in its content. Topics covered include :-

    - Fish portioning
    - Potato preparation
    - Batter mixing
    - Frying skills
    - Oil management
    - Account keeping
    - Health & Safety etc

    We also offer the opportunity to work on different types of frying ranges, one a traditional open type, the other a high efficiency range with inbuilt filtration. Different types of frying medium are used in order to demonstrate the qualities of vegetable v palm oil v dripping.
    Topics also included are book keeping, VAT, cleaning and disinfection.


    - This course is designed for those students with some catering experience who wish to add fish and chips to their skills
    - It can also be used as a refresher course for those already in the industry

    Topics covered include :-

    - Fish preparation
    - Potato preparation
    - Batter mixing
    - Frying skills

    Obviously, due to time restraints, these topics are not covered in the same depth as the longer course.

    Also on offer are two open learning courses in Fish Frying and Customer service. Candidates are provided with workbooks to study and assessment is made up of multiple choice tests in food safety and health & safety, plus a work-based practical assessment.

    The work based practical assessment is carried out by a Seafish approved assessor who will assess the candidate’s competence in fish frying or customer service.

    Successful candidates are awarded a Seafish/NFFF certificate in either fish frying skills or customer service skills.

    The NFFF also offers Level 2 Food Safety and Health & Safety training via open learning. These two courses are Seafish/CIEH approved and recognised by the Seafood Training Academy.

    For more information about the Training School and the NFFF please contact us at:

    National Federation of Fish Friers Ltd, Federation House, 4 Greenwood Mount,
    Meanwood, LEEDS LS6 4LQ

    Tel: 0113 230 7044