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NB: The Seafood Training Centre, North East is no longer a Partner in the Academy, following the closure of its training facilities in North Shields,.

The Anglo Scottish Seafish Training Association manages the onshore training needs in the North East.

    Seafood Training Centre North East - Archived Information

    We offer a range of key services regionally and nationally to anyone needing to learn the skills required in professional seafood preparation, or indeed anyone who simply wishes to acquire some of these skills for their own benefit.

    We have the wherewithal to custom build courses around specific requirements allowing a great deal of flexibility and ensuring that everyone gains the most from our courses. We also supply a whole range of courses designed for those working in the seafood industry, either on-shore or at sea.

    We are proud to be able to promote a vast range of skills, and we are passionate about the future of seafood. There has never been greater interest in the benefits of healthy eating, and seafood is an important constituent of any diet. Whether you’re employed in the fishing industry or the restaurant trade, or just have a keen personal interest in learning the right way to fillet or cook seafood, we have a course that’s just right for you.

    Our List of everyday courses

    • School Visits
    • Level 2 Food Safety - open learning
    • Manual Handling training
    • Level 3 Food Safety – eLearning
    • Health & Safety – open learning
    • Seafood preparation and cooking courses
    • Unusual species course
    • Knife skills and Fish Filleting
    • Fish mongering
    • Kitchen porters OCN
    • Fish recognition
    • Seafood Quality Assessment training
    • Fork Lift truck

    Consumer Courses

    The Seafood Training Centre North Shields is pleased to be able to offer a number of courses designed for everyone with an interest in seafood preparation.

    Current courses include:

    Seafood preparation and cooking course - taught individually or in groups of 3 in a specially designed galley with everything provided for the course. All you need to bring is yourself! We cover a vast range of seafood, including crab, lobster and salmon.

    Unusual species course - including shark, red snapper and John Dory. We can teach filleting and preparation either in combination or separately.

    Fish Filleting Courses

  • One hr to three day filleting course - learn how to prepare freshly caught fish and make it ready to cook.
  • Industry Courses - longer courses are available for industry.
  • 3 hour filleting course - aimed at all anglers and fishermen, particularly those fishing for a hobby. It covers gutting and filleting and is available to anyone over the age of 16.
  • The Seafood Training Centre North East offers a range of training courses for industry and the unemployed seeking employment in the seafood industry.

    See / for more details

    Schools programme

    We encourage School visits (min age 7yrs) to the centre consisting of:

    • A tour of the fish quay where children are reminded of their heritage and the vast amount of history that is linked to the entrance of the River Tyne

    • A trip to the fish market

    • A demonstration at the Centre of fish being filleted with an opportunity to a hands-on time of different types of sea life

    • A short quiz about fish & shellfish and the different species For many of these children it is the first time they have seen a live lobster and crab.

    We also have a specific training course aimed at Secondary Schools which fits in with the curriculum for years 11, 12 & 13.

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