Library Guide - Setting up a fishmongering business


This Library Guide has been set up for individuals who want to get into fishmongering and set up their own business. Content will be added and amended over time so please revisit this webpage to see what is on offer. To provide feedback or request additional content please email the academy. Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets

Information leaflets Documents DVDs and Videos Presentations

This Library Guide has just started and content will be added over time.  If you have comments and feedback please contact

Online Study Guides

Introduction to Fishmongering. This study guide will provide access to training videos, detailed product knowledge information, technical documents etc.  Some of the more important links will be duplicated below, along with other links that do not belong in the Study Guide.

Marine Finfish Product Knowledge. This study guide provides access to a vast array of information on marine finfish species, from fish stocks and quotas to recipes that need you to make a great fish dish.  This is a very large study guide and should be consumed a bite at a time.

Shellfish, oil rich fish and non marine finfish product knowledge. This study guide provides access to a vast array of information on stocks and quotas, recipes and lots more in between; This also is a very large study guide and should be consumed a bite at a time.

Seafood Guides

This website has an entire section (the Seafood Guide above) dedicated to providing guidance on the range of species available to UK fishmongers.  A printed Seafood Guide is also available from the Sea Fish Industry Authority at a cost of £5.

Some suppliers will also provide printed materials and guides to individual species or their whole product range. 

Good fishmongers will be able to advise customers on how to prepare and cook fish and shellfish. 

Seafish has recipes and other useful educational information available from its Fish is the Dish Website.

The Fishmongers Federation has useful information on recipes and a glossary of seafood available here.

Specific Training and Courses

A list of fo0od specific courses to assist the setting up of a small fishmonger business will be developed. See Seafood Academy Prospectus for more information or visit the Training Courses section above.

Our initial list includes the following:
  • Food hygiene at elementary or intermediate Levels
  • Health and safety article at elementary Level
  • HACCP training at a level appropriate (note: there is probably enough HACCP content in the intermediate food hygiene courses for a simple retail operation)
  • Fish filleting and shellfish preparation techniques - we have a good range of video tutorials on our Youtube Channel - click here to start viewing
  • Customer Service - this distance learning guide for fish friers may be of some use.

Setting up a small food business

Generic small food business content on guidance and sources of information to be developed.

Other information?

Please email with requests for specific information or suggestions for content to be added to this Library Guide.

Other Useful Links

National Federation of Fishmongers - see their website here.  Also see the Federation's twitter feed - @NFF_fishmongers

Billingsgate Seafood Training School deliver fishmongering courses, and training is available from some of our other Partners and Seafish approved training providers.

The Academy has a range of useful Library Guides, most of which are available here.

Apprenticeships are a useful way of developing expertise amongst new entrant and existing staff members.  Apprenticeship providers can be found here.