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Launched in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in June 2013, and expected in Scotland in 2014, the Level 3 proficiency qualification in fish and shellfish industry skills is of keen interest to managers throughout the onshore sectors of the fish and shellfish industry.

Within 13 days of its launch, the first industry manager had signed up to undertake a full diploma based around the fishmongering and retail food units. Within the first month fish and chip shop managers were registering to take on the opportunities presented by this qualification, as were managers in processing and shellfish purification businesses.

The Level 3 qualification represents the first management level qualification of this type available to the onshore sectors of the fish and shellfish industry. For the first time managers will be able to undertake a substantial work-based qualification that is focused on their fish and shellfish technical skills and knowledge.

In addition to 23 fish or shellfish specific units, managers will be able to choose from a further 80+ food industry standard units to produce a qualification that is fish/shellfish specific, based on food industry standards, nationally recognised, challenging and productive, and carefully tailored to their needs and the needs of their business.

What specific units are available? Click on one of the links on the left which will take you to the qualifications database, and scroll down to 'Qualification Structure' to see the details of the various fish and shellfish units available or follow these links to online information provided by FDQ Ltd, or use these 2 handy pdf files.

List of all Level 2 and 3 Fish and Shellfish Units

Level 2 list (includes hyperlinks to all the files)

Level 3 list (includes hyperlinks to all the files)

Fish and Shellfish Industry Suite of Qualifications - a comprehensive guide to the qualifications and units that make up the fish and shellfish 'offer' from FDQ.

FDQ's main webpage on fish and shellfish qualifications - available here

Employer Guides to fish and shellfish qualifications - click here for a list of current leaflets.

This exciting new qualification can be carefully tailored for managers in a range of fish and shellfish businesses, such as:

  • Bivalve Purification
  • Fishmerchants & Primary processing
  • Smoking
  • Quality Assessment
  • Fishmongering
  • Fish frying in Scotland or England, Wales & Northern Ireland

These qualifications are being taken up as Professional Development Qualifications by fishmongers and including those individuals with substantial experience in the industry.


Working with.....

For a list of centres approved to deliver these qualifications and recognised by Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy click here.