A Guide for Quality Assessment

created October 13th 2015

This page lists the resources available on this website and others as appropriate. The list has been compiled for attendees of Seafish's Advanced Quality Assessment Course and others.

If you have not yet attended the Advanced course then you may wish to find out more here.

The library is a free resource centre. If you are unable to find what you need then please contact a Librarian so that we can add the material if appropriate.

Please note that a number of quality assessment Library Books are available on loan from the Academy Lending Library maintained by Seafish.

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Useful Sources of Information

    The price of fish - The Price of Fish Report is intended to give a general overview of our industry, covering everything from safety at sea through to the improving environmental record of fishing, the economic value of our industry, and the health benefits of seafood.

    The seafood distribution chains - shows how seafood reaches the UK retail and food service markets, (draft copy)

    Seafood seasonality