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A series of Library Guides to getting the most out of the Seafood Training Academy. The Guides are prepared by Academy Librarians to meet the needs of particular groups

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The Seafood Training Academy has a great deal to offer fishmongers and staff managing supermarket fish counters.

Lets start with

Improve Proficiency Qualifications - workbased replacements for NVQs in fish and shellfish

An array of skills and knowledge units that allow an employer to mix and match a qualification to suit almost every level 2 employee. See box to left for example units. Click here to read more about the IPQs.

NB: These qualifications can only be achieved 'on-the-job'. s


Apprenticeships for Fishmongers - leaflet 1 and leaflet 2

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Misc Courses

Training courses that will be of interest to people working in the sector include seafood identification, quality assessment, preparation and filleting, customer service, product knowledge as well as those everyday staples food hygiene and health & safety.

Food Safety and Health & Safety training can be undertaken as taught courses or through open learning at level 2. A multilingual course (Level 1 only) is available as a taught programme and we have a Level 3 eLearning programme for managers. Seafish Hygiene Open Learning is ideal for many fishmongers as it can be studied at home and the examination leads to a REHIS or CIEH nationally recognised qualification. Seafish have an equivalent pack covering H&S. Level 2 also available here as an eLearning programme.

Customer Service training isn't something we have available for fishmongers, although something may be gleaned from looking at our fish frier customer service skills programme. This pack is available fare from this site.

Product Knowledge training materials are available in the form of the Sea Food and Eat It training pack from Seafish. This 6 DVD training pack covers identification, advanced filleting and preparation skills (4 discs) and also has a seafood quality assessment DVD.

A free copy of the Seafood Guide can be obtained from Seafish. Much of the Seafood Guide contents are available on this site.

Many Partners are able to offer fish filleting training courses as well as seafood quality assessment training, fishmongering and other courses of interest to fishmongers. See the Partner overviews for more information..

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Misc. Guides and Information

Basic Fishing Methods - a very interesting pdf booklet available online from Seafish

Other documents of interest are available here.