DVDs and Videos

Seafish have developed a range of excellent training videos and DVDs over the last 20 years. Many of these programmes are still current and are available from Seafish on DVD for only £10 per DVD.

Many of these programmes have been uploaded to Seafish's You Tube Channel and available free of charge.

To view Seafish's entire You Tube offering follow this link to http://www.youtube.com/user/SeafishTheAuthority

And here are some of our favourite individual videos.

Food safety, main programme plus 4 appendices - Strikeback 2 . The Food Safety programme has scripts available in various EU languages and the numbered box shown on the screen corresponds to each paragraph in the text. For more information on foreign language food hygiene training click here

NB: There's a free eLearning package on food hygiene training available here.

Health & safety, 20 mins - click here

Oceans of Opportunity, - careers in the seafood industry

Scallop resources for chefs, 18 programmes in total - click here

Sharpening a filleting knife - it's here

Also on Seafish's You Tube channel are videos on processing a range of fish and shellfish, smoking, fish frying etc. Programmes on fishing, seafood recipes and even the politics of fishing and seafood can be found as they expand their collection of online material.