The Library Guides - Fish and Shellfish VRQs


  • Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs) are nationally recognised qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland;
  • There are Six VRQs in fish and shellfish (see left),
    • these VRQs are at Level 3;
    • they are ideal for managers and supervisors
  • They are are all Awards, ranging in size from 10 to 12 credits;
  • These are not replacements for NVQs but are a type of qualification developed in 2011 for the fish and shellfish industry;
  • Ideally were suited for delivery by a training provider, college or Seafood Academy recognised trainer.
  • NB: This qualification is not currently active or available.

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Improve Vocational Qualifications are designed for delivery in a learning environment rather than a workplace. They usually combine Underpinning Knowledge (UK) units with Vocational Skills (VS) units, to make up a qualification or programme that contains both knowledge and opportunities to demonstrate practical skills. They are similar to Improve Proficiency Qualifications and may share some Underpinning Knowledge units

There are four types of units that make up Improve's Qualification structure. The image below shows that the work-based proficiency qualification is made up of two or three types of units - Occupational Skills (OS), Occupational Knowledge (OK), Underpinning Knowledge (UK)that combine the work-based skills (OS) and work-based knowledge (OK) with any appropriate underlying principles (UK) of a process to produce a qualification that is fit for purpose.

Combining the Underpinning Knowledge units with the appropriate Vocational Skills (VS) units can lead to a Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ). This type of qualification is ideally suited to College or training provider delivery outside of the workplace.



18 new units have been written to support the six new qualifications.

Five of these new units are Level 3 underpinning knowledge units that will eventually be included in the IPQ framework for workbased qualifications. This framework will eventually lead to new workbased qualifications at level 3 in fish and shellfish for managers and supervisors.