Seafood Programmes - Managing Fish and Chip Operations

Improve Vocational Qualification - Level 3 Award in Fish Frying Operations

Accredited 09 - Aug - 2011 -

NB: This qualification is not currently active or available.

A qualification for managers/supervisors of fish and chip businesses
• A Level 3 Improve Vocational Qualification (VRQ)
• Nationally recognised
• Can be delivered by distance learning and/or as a taught programme
• Supported by the Seafood Training Academy

What is it?
The Fish Frying VRQ is a qualification for fish and chip business managers and supervisors that covers the key areas of frying, food safety, health and safety, staffing, brand management and marketing. Made up of three individual units, the qualification can be achieved flexibly through a mix of taught courses, distance learning etc.

What are the benefits?
The new qualification has been developed to recognise the content of training programmes such as the NFFF’s “3-day friers” course, or Seafish’s Fish Frying Skills distance learning programme. But, the new qualification goes further than that as it also looks at how you operate your business and how you would apply your skills and understanding to managing all the elements that make up a successful fish and chip business. The qualification provides a framework around which to learn, and for the successful candidate, a recognition of their expertise and skills. 

Tell me more
The qualification is made up of three individual units. They are:

  • Principles of Frying Fish and Chips – a substantial theory unit covering the essential knowledge of how to combine potatoes, fish and a frying medium into the nations favourite take-away;
  • Principles of Managing Fish and Chip Operations – another substantial theory unit. This one covers the requirements of any successful business, how raw materials, staff, brand and marketing are managed to provide effective customer service in a competitive commercial market;
  • Demonstrate Skills in Frying Fish and Chips – a smaller practical skills unit that provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate just how good you are as a frier.

How do I register for the qualification?
We are in the process of developing the administration to support these qualifications and when available the qualification will be offered as part of any qualifying training programme.

In the first instance the qualification will only be available to new trainees, but later we will develop a suitable transition or ‘top-up’ programme for holders of older qualifications who wish to achieve the new qualification.
How can I find out more?

Seafish is leading on these developments. For more information please contact Lee Cooper at Seafish T. 01482 486482 or E.

Qualification Structure

Unit Title
Ofqual reference
Principles of frying fish and chips
Principles of managing fish and chip operations
Demonstrate skills in frying fish and chips