Seafood Programmes - Bivalve Purification Operations Management

Level 3 Award in Bivalve Purification Operations Management

Accredited 09 - Aug - 2011 -

NB: This qualification is not currently active or available.

A range of training programmes have been developed by Seafish to cater to the needs of all those in the bivalve purification industry who need training in Operations, Management or HACCP.

These courses have been available from Seafish approved trainers since 2008, and while these courses are accredited by Seafish they have not been nationally accredited.

In late 2010 an opportunity arrived to gain national recognition for a more comprehensive training programme in the form of an Improve Vocational Qualification based around the existing bivalve purification and related courses.

An Improve Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) is based on two types of units. Underpinning Knowledge (UK) units and Vocational Skills (VS units) make up an VRQ. These qualifications are designed to be delivered by trainers and completed largely 'off the job'. They are not a workbased SVQ or NVQ and they are not assessed in the workplace.

In the case of the VRQ in BVP Operations Management we have developed both theory (UK) and skills (VS) units at levels 3 and 2.



Structure of the award - Level 3 VRQ in Bivalve Purification Operations Management

Title of Unit
Ofqual reference
Principles of Controlling Bivalve Purification Processing
Principles of Managing Safety in Bivalve Purification Operations
Demonstrate skills in controlling bivalve purification processing
Demonstrate skills in collecting data and monitoring in bivalve purification
Demonstrate Skills in managing safety in bivalve purification operations


To achieve the full VRQ, managers will need to understand the principles of controlling the purification process as well as the principles of managing food safety, HACCP and health and safety in a purification and despatch centre. Evidence of skills in these areas will also be required.

Training can be delivered through a mix of open learning (food safety, HACCP and H&S) and taught courses (BVP operations, management and HACCP courses), while understanding and skills can be shown through portfolio evidence and attendance on training courses such as the BVP management programme.

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