Bivalve Purification Training Courses and Qualifications

Bivalve Purification Training Options

There are four different training courses for staff and managers in Bivalve Purification and Despatch Centres, as well as a work based proficiency qualification at level 2 for operatives and supervisors.

Managers and Supervisors may also be interested in the Level 3 VRQ in Bivalve Purification Management.

There's even a training course for EHOs in Bivalve Purification Inspections - see this leaflet.


More Training Course Information

More details available here and from the Shellfish Training Centres and Seafish

Bivalve Purification Operations: a half day training course that covers
the main aspects of operating a Bivalve Purification and Dispatch Centre (BVPDC).

This theory-based course can be delivered on site or offsite. Suitable for all staff. See this leaflet

REHIS accredited

Bivalve Purification Inspections: a one day course for EHOs and others
responsible for inspecting BVPDC. The course provides practical guidance
on what it is reasonable to expect of a BVPDC and its staff. Course overview and syllabus available here.

REHIS accredited