Bivalve Purification - A Library Guide for FBOs

This page has been developed to support food business operators (FBOs) involved in bivalve purification and depuration operations in the UK.

NB: As Library Guides are quick-response, semi-formal products they will occasionally contain errors which we will seek to correct. The information contained in them is for Guidance only and we cannot be held responsible for decisions made using the Guides.

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You may want to start with this handy Seafish guide (as pdf)

See this Seafish webpage - on bivalve hygiene and safety

Reduced depuration Times

added January 2017 - see this Seafish guide.

Also see this Seafish webpage on Bivalve Mollusc Safety.


End Product Testing Guidance

Algal Toxin testing (Scotland) - click here

FSA (Northern Ireland) guide and leaflet on EPT for toxins for shellfish growers, harvesters and processors - click here

FAO Guidance on Microbial testing/traditional quality control - click here

Technical Resources

Standard designs for Purification Systems - click here

Bivalve depuration guide from the FAO

Scallop Shucking - model HACCP plan

Use of Ozone - Seafish record sheets and CEFAS technical report


Seafish Website Content

This Seafish webpage contains a large number of useful documents including the following:

Good manufacturing practice guidelines - Live bivalves workbook

Seafish Guidance note - Classification of shellfish harvesting areas

Seafish Guidance note - Reuse of seawater for purification systems


Other Web Content

CEFAS webpage on Shellfish Purification and related inspection and approval activities. The CEFAS website also has some excellent information on



Seafish has a YouTube channel with more than 100 video programmes available. There are some videos of interest to shellfish farmers and harvesters, plus a set of 3 videos on biotoxins available via this Scallop Processors page.