Seafood Programmes - Filleting and Hand Processing

This qualification has not been submitted for accreditation

NB: This qualification is not currently active or available.

Level 2 Units in Filleting and Hand Processing of Fish

Updated 13.6.11

Qualification Purpose

This qualification is designed for learners who are working or seeking employment in the fish processing and retail industry. It offers learners the opportunity to develop knowledge required to prove competence. It is likely to be of interest to the fishmongering and primary processing sub-sectors of the seafood industry.

This award is made up of units at level 2. To achieve the full Improve Vocational Qualification (VRQ) level 2 Award, learners must achieve 10 credits made up of units that are usually trained off-the-job.

Qualification Units

Seafish is leading on these developments. For more information please contact Lee Cooper at Seafish T. 01482 486482 or E.

Unit Title
Ofqual reference
Principles of using knives in food operations
Demonstrate skills in fish filleting
Demonstrate skills in processing fish by hand
Demonstrate skills in processing shellfish by hand
Principles of fish and shellfish processing by hand
This unit suspended

Proposed Qualification

The approved units (1 theory, 3 skills) do not constitute sufficient credits to make up a full VRQ. The suspended theory unit principles of fish and shellfish processing by hand would be sufficient to 'swing the balance'. Seafish will investigate the potential for reviving this Unit in due course.

Individuals undertaking Seafish's fish filleting training programme could probably attain the first three units on the list above subject to the availability of a suitable FDQ approved assessor.

To discuss the delivery of these units and the associated qualifications please contact Lee Cooper of Seafish 01482 486482