Seafood Programmes - Smoking

A Level 3 VRQ in Brining and Smoking Fish and Shellfish

Accredited 09 - Aug - 2011

NB: This qualification is not currently active or available.

A range of training programmes are being developed by the Seafood Training Academy to cater to the needs of processors, fishmongers and chefs who want to be able to smoke fish and shellfish.

These programmes will be based upon both knowledge and the demonstration of practical skills and will be tailored to the needs of learners.

Seafish in collaboration with employer representatives and others have already developed a range of occupational standards units in fish and shellfish. These units have been approved by Improve Ltd and make up a number of work-based qualifications available from FDQ and other awarding bodies.

The VRQ or Vocationally Related Qualification in the brining and smoking of fish and shellfish is a level 3 qualification built up of knowledge and skills units and can be achieved as part of a training programme available (soon) from the Seafood Training Academy.

Practical skills can be demonstrated in a learning environment such as the Seafood Academy's fish and shellfish smoking training centre at the Humber Seafood Institute in Grimsby.

Knowledge can be acquired by studying Seafish's elearning programme on seafood smoking.


VRQ Structure - there are 4 units that make up the VRQ

Two underpinning knowledge units (off the job training)

D/602/0625 - Principles of brining and salting fish/shellfish

M/602/0614 - Principles of fish/shellfish smoking

Two vocational skills units (also off the job training)

Demonstrate skills in brining and salting fish and shellfish. Ref K/503/2914 Level 2, 3 Credits.

Demonstrate skills in smoking fish and shellfish. Ref A/503/2917 level 2 , 2 Credits.

This Level 3 VRQ can be achieved as part of a training programme. There is a related Level 2 IPQ that can only be achieved in the workplace by competent operatives.

Level 2 IPQ - Proficiency skills in fish and shellfish

Workplace Skills Units - click here and select appropriate unit(s) from group B

H/602/0545 - Control the fish/shellfish brining process

J/602/0568 - Control the fish/shellfish smoking process

T/602/0548 - Control the dry curing of fish


Workplace Knowledge Units - click here and select appropriate unit(s) from group B

K/602/0546 - Understand how to control the fish/shellfish brining process

L/602/0569 - Understand how to control the fish/shellfish smoking process

Unit missing from database - Understand how to control the dry curing of fish


The Units above are all available now as part of the Improve Proficiency Qualification (IPQ) in fish and shellfish, or a Fish and Shellfish SVQ


For a list of Seafood Academy information leaflets please go here.

To view the six Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs) in display, smoking, quality assessment, purification etc follow the this link.

During 2012 and 2013 Seafish will be providing a new signposting service to employers interested in training and development. To find out more contact Lee Cooper of Seafish.