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Seafood promotions from Seafish

Library Guides are webpages dedicated to providing information and guidance on a single topic, or to a single user group.

This Library Guide has been developed to illustrate what support is available from Seafish to promote seafood.

This page contains a range of posters and other materials as pdfs which can be downloaded for use by seafood businesses and others. Seafood Packs are also available from Seafish follow this link for more information or contact Seafood promotions for terms and conditions. See also the 2aweek and fish is the dish online content. Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets

Seafood and Health Materials

We have developed the following seafood and health information leaflets:

Seafood main leaflet

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Eat Shellfish - Find out more about cholesterol and why eating shellfish as part of a healthy, balanced diet is good for you.

Ready reckoner - Learn more about Omega-3 and find out about the top 40 Omega-3 rich seafoods. (inc useful nutritional data on oil content)

Seafood for 18 to 24yr olds - Seafood can help you with everything from keeping your skin smooth to improving your concentration levels.

Seafood for Children - Eating Seafood gives kids a natural source of Omega-3 and other nutrients essential for physical and mental growth.

Seafood for Adults - Eating seafood is a healthy and nutritious way of cutting down on calories without having to sacrifice flavour. Find out how seafood can help you with everything from weight management to boosting your brain-power.

Seafood for Men - Eating seafood can help you with everything from weight management to improving your love-life….

Seafood and heart health - Eating seafood twice a week could reduce the risk of heart attack by up to half. Ensuring a good omega-3 intake from seafood helps to keep blood fat level down and the heart and circulation in tip-top shape.

Eat seafood during pregnancy - Eating seafood during pregnancy and while breast-feeding will help to boost your baby’s brain development.


Four posters showing the benefits of Omega 3 seafoods

Little Fish


These Scales

This School


Little Fish Poster Mussels Poster Scales Poster Seafood and Schools Poster