Fish and Shellfish Apprenticeships in Wales


    Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships are currently approved in Wales in fish and shellfish via two apprenticeship providers -please see the Working With section on the right of this page.

    Employers in Wales are well served by apprenticeship funding, particularly for younger employees and new entrants.

    Welsh Framework

    Food and Drink Apprenticeships (including fish and shellfish pathways) - click here

    Fish and Shellfish Framework Review (starts November 2020)

    Various partners in the Network (Seafish, NFFF, NFF, Coleg Cambria, Cambrian Training) are involved in the NSAF&D led review of food industry apprenticeships in Wales.

    A working group of around 15 employers is being established to look at the detail of the proposed changes to the fish and shellfish apprenticeship framework.

    This activity is cost-hosted by Seafish. If you would like to be consulted about this process then email with your contact details.

    The first working group meeting will take place online at 1000hrs Tuesday 10th November 2020.

    Leaflets and Information

    Generic leaflet on apprenticeships (Welsh and English) - under development

    Other leaflets on fish and shellfish apprenticeships are available on this page