Apprenticeships in Wales

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    Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships are currently approved in Wales in fish and shellfish via two apprenticeship providers -please see this Working With webpage and links to the left. Soon there will be a third provider, and advanced fish and shellfish apprenticeships will be available throughout Wales.

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    Employers in Wales are well served by apprenticeship funding, particularly for younger employees and new entrants.

    Welsh Framework - Food and Drink Apprenticeships (including fish and shellfish pathways) - click here

    Fish and Shellfish Fish and Shellfish

    • Food and Drink (Fish and Shellfish) is for those working in fish and shellfish processing operations as managers and supervisors, fishmongers and assistant fishmongers, or in sales/service support and technical roles in a fish and shellfish processing organisation. It is also for supervisors and managers of fish and chip shops.

    • Master Fishmonger - Highly skilled individuals who work in large supermarkets, specialist shops, market stalls and as mobile fish traders, responsible for all the functions in their business including managing storage and quality, fish and shellfish preparation, food safety and health and safety

    • Assistant Fishmonger - Carries out many of the tasks a master fishmonger but not the responsibility of management of the business; typically accepts deliveries of fish and shellfish, prepares counter displays, processes more common species of fish and shellfish, advises and sells to customers

    • Bivalve Purification Manager/Supervisor - Manages a small team working in a bivalve purification and despatch department/centre, takes charge of food safety policy, health and safety issues and key process activities of controlling bivalve purification processing and monitoring the reception, holding and despatch of live bivalve shellfish

    • Manager/Deputy, Manager/Shift Supervisor of Fish and Chip Shop - Responsible for food safety/health and safety policy, dealing with resource and personnel issues, marketing, monitoring oil frying operations, evaluating customer service, planning and coordinating food services

    • Fish and Shellfish Processing Technical Manager/Supervisor - Responsible for managing processes and operations such as smoking, high care shellfish, freezing, coating, quality assessment and primary processing; responsible for food safety, health and safety, waste management, production planning, and staff development

    Leaflets and Information

    Generic leaflet on apprenticeships (Welsh and English) - under development

    Other leaflets on fish and shellfish apprenticeships are available on this page