Apprenticeship Workshops


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The National Apprenticeship Service has kicked off proceedings with support for Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy to host a series of Apprenticeship Workshops for employers in England. The first workshop was in Birmingham on the 5th March. There will be at least another 5 workshops in England and possibly workshops in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Sources of Information

We will use this Events Page to notify you of upcoming Apprenticeship Events, and this News Stream page will be used to bring you reports from each event as they are delivered.


Completed Events

Fry it 2014 - Peterborough 23rd February 2014

IFEX - Northern Ireland, 11th-13th March Launch of Fish and Shellfish Apprenticeships in Northern Ireland

Devon Apprenticeship Event - Barnstaple, 13th March Progressing with Fish and Shellfish Apprenticeships in the SW

National Apprenticeships in fish and shellfish - Birmingham event 5th March 2014 - Event completed - successfully as a number of employers have since taken on apprenticeships and offered apprenticeship opportunities to their existing employees.

Area 6 - to NFFF members in Area 6 on the 6th April 2014.

East Of England - Ipswich 22/7/14 - full report after workshop is delivered. For joining information click here.