Training Course Dates


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To book a place or express your interest in any of the following courses, email

  • Food safety, H&S - eLearning and open learning - Book Now! These courses can take place at a time and place to suit the learner. Only the exam needs to be at a fixed time and place so get in touch ( as soon as is convenient.
  • Advanced Seafood Quality Assessment - 5 day programme - We can only organise these courses when we have enough (min 7) trainees interested. Please register your interest with Seafish ( and they will contact you when a course looks likely to proceed.
    • Incompany introductory (half to one day) courses are delivered on a case by case basis so get in touch.
    • Lists for future courses are being assembled so register your interest ASAP.
    • Refresher Training in Quality Assessment - a one day practical refresher course for those who have already taken the Advanced programme - 'an opportunity to calibrate your senses'.
    • Introductory courses in quality assessment - 2 delivered in August, with more onsite courses planned. Contact for more information.
  • Bivalve Purification Operations - course planned for delivery by Southern Shellfish Training Centre - email for details of next courses (
  • Bivalve Purification Management - 3 day training course
    • via Scottish Shellfish Training Centre
    • via Southern Shellfish Training Centre
      • COURSE DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED! - If you would like to attend this type of training course then let us know -
  • Fish and Shellfish Product Knowledge NEW!
    • a new training programme ideal for managers new to the seafood industry, or even master fishmongers; available as two online Study Guides covering marine finfish and also shellfish & non marine finfish product knowledge.
  • Basic++ Fish Smoking NEW!
    • The standard two day basic fish smoking course, plus up to three days of additional coaching and practical activity using the AFOS Micro Kilns at the Grimsby Seafood Village Training Centre. .
    • prior completion of the eLearning programme is strongly advised before attending the course.
    • Course and coaching costs upon application. While the basic course can accommodate up to 8 persons, only two kilns are available for the follow on coaching sessions. .
    • First course planned for June 19th 2017


    To book a course or to find out more, email